pumpkin patch

The Pumpkin Patch collections are created by our dedicated in-house design team, guaranteeing each garment is fresh and fun with a distinctive Patch signature. They are very comprehensive and cover all stages of a child's growth, from baby through to pre-teen. They are packed with great fashion, hardwearing everyday wear and all the other coordinating wardrobe essentials - including footwear, nightwear, swimwear and accessories.


Pumpkin Patch Beirut Mall
Beirut Mall Grand Floor
+961 1 884 770 ext: 421



Pumpkin Patch City Mall
Dora Highway.
+961 1 884 770 ext: 420

Pumpkin Patch Le Mall Dbayeh
Dbayeh Highway.
+961 1 884 770 ext: 425

Pumpkin Patch Le Mall Sin El Fil
Hilton Hotel, Horsh Tabet, Sin El Fil
+961 1 884 770 ext: 426



Pumpkin Patch Zahle
Main Street Zahle, Bekaa.
+961 1 884 770 ext: 424